I've now seen 15-20 sellers using "The Auto Scouts" laminated COA from foreman39@yahoo.com , here is what they look like, and they are 100% CRAP:

These are home-made "COA"s meant to make the buyer feel comfortable. They have a worthless "numbered" sticker on them and usually come with a $2 little league ball with a forgery on it. TONS of Puig's out right now with this, as well as anyone else who is most "popular" at that time.

Take a look at this right after Bo Jackson's "30 for 30" was shown on ESPN:


This is big time folks. DO NOT BUY "autographs" accompanied by this "COA". 

Here's another post of sellers who use this "COA":

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Any Barry Sanders collectors want to comment on this one? Laughable.

Funny this is based out of Arkansas, but the Dodgers haven't been there. Yasiel does not sign TTM, and has only had 1 public signing. Where are all of these coming from? 

Here is another eBay seller that sells tons of these "The Auto Scouts" junk, eBay seller collectiblesforyoutoo

Look at this crap:

Hilarious Luck:
Kobe Junk:
Puig Trash:
Unreal what this forgery ring gets away with.

If people would read the 3 negative feedbacks eBay seller collectiblesforyoutoo has received, they would be warned:

Can't believe this "Yasial Pug" ball hasn't been pulled yet... 


I think I've seen this guy before.  His Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews autos look terrible.

They can't even use proper English:  "in our opinion, verified to be 100% authentic".   If it's an opinion, it can't be verified 100% authentic, and if it's 100% authentic, then it's not an opinion.   

100% Forgery ring professional eBay scammers.

Here is another seller who sells these cheap forgeries with "Auto Scouts" COAs, eBay seller emiromeragic 


5 Ugly Puig "Autographs" for sale! Magic! I bet these "Auto Scouts" have sold over 200 Puig "autographs" on eBay in the last month. EASILY. Complete scammers.

Here is yet another seller slanging "Auto Scouts" forgeries. This is eBay seller omeragicsports


Just hideous signatures:

"The Auto Scouts" are the ULTIMATE EBAY SCAMMERS!



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