As most people were, I was a huge fan. At one of his shows backstage, I had him sign the inside gatefold of the album. A great photo on a record. But since I hate him now, I'm thinking of selling it on eBay. My wife said people won't want it, and I should wait until he dies. Your thoughts?

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Do you expect him to get more popular down the road? 

I don't believe he's really signing any more, atleast not in any kind of quantity.  The supply is more or less established, so where do you think demand is going?

Good point.

I think though, yes...he would get "more popular" down the road. I think it's the same thing as Michael Jackson. The last few years, we all knew he basically molested children. Yet he died, and everyone just talks about him dying young and...there's no "cancel culture" for him, it's as if everyone just....magically forgot about all the Jackson problems.

cosby was found guilty. jackson was found INNOCENT. big difference. your opinion doesnt make it true. did you see him molest children personally?? why slander him then?? judge not…

Three things, Kai. First, Jackson settled with one boys family for over $20 million. YOU DO NOT settle for that kind of money, unless your lawyers think you'll be found guilty. Because if a family is lying and making that up, you fight for your name in court, you don't settle to "make the case go away."

Second, by Jackson's own admission, he lets kids (that aren't his kids), sleep in his bed. He said this in an interview. So, that either means he's molesting them -- in a worst case scenario. Best case scenario -- he just really loves hanging out with kids, but...doctors say it's still "an inappropriate relationship for an adult to have with a kid, to let even their own kids, sleep in their bed."

Third, I know a police detective that worked a case, and they found child pornography in Jackson's estate. So...that's why I judge him. And, that's why I'm trying to sell my Michael Jackson autographed album, and Cosby album. They're scum.

I wonder why they didnt call you and your friend to testify then??

your story rings as true as all the other “stories” jackson was never convicted on.  people believing everything they see  and hear on tv is why the world is the way it is now. scum are people who slander dead guys based on unproven allegations and heresay.

Okay, let's try this again Kai. Michael Jackson DID settle with a family for $20 million or more. Why? If you can't answer that question, you're not very smart.

i dont need to prove anything to you. i called you out for slandering a dead guy who was never found guilty of any crimes in a court of law. period. 

so maybe just dont say “we all know Jackson was molesting kids”

bc you dont. And “ we all” dont. 

It's hard to be found guilty in a court of law-- when you give the accusers $23 million so they drop the case. Also, before the civil case in OJ Simpson, he was not "found guilty of any crimes" your rational, OJ Simpson wasn't a murderer.

When his net worth was well over $800 million, he may have thought it was the viable option then to have his name and reputation damaged in a lengthy court case. 

That's what legal experts sometimes say in regards to settling, but think about it. That makes absolutely no sense. Imagine if YOU had $800 million and someone accused you of something you DID NOT DO. You would say, "Let's have a lengthy trial. I can afford a lengthy trial. I'd rather spend $20 million on lawyers to clear my name, then give it to people that lie about me."  And, your reputation is more damaged when you settle, because most people think (and usually correctly), that you did it, or you wouldn't have settled.

When Culkin was in court he said Jackson never gave him drugs. In the commentary for Party Monster Culkin says "Sure, Jackson gave me my first joint". At what age?



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