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Agreed... that would really suck if all artists (or more likely the label) decided to splash paint instead of signing... I've gotten some awesome signatures for cheap from their pre-orders (the ones that were real anyway). No way to tell if someone else painted these like you can with signatures so I could see the labels loving this as it would cut down on returns like when they send out fake autographs.

I was looking at the Twitter comments too and you're exactly right... some of them were just straight up creepy. One I seen said they'd pay to have her spit paint into their face or mouth or something similar... no thanks,  I'll just take an autograph. :D

But as I said before, I got one just because I have some signed stuff of hers already,  it'll look cool displayed with a signature and it's only 10 bucks so it's not going to break the bank. Not sure I'd get one if I didn't already have a few of her autographs though. 

I'm sure people will buy this rubish. They must be laughing all the way to the bank.

It's funny to see markets incl. collectors markets evolve. 20 years ago Crypto currencies, NFT and splattered cds would have been laughed at. Not sure if this is genus or insanity. 

It's understandable,  as artists Don't make much from streaming (poor things) they are being creative  in selling CDs, vinyl and cassettes. 

They are all over eBay for around £45. I'm just off the the shops for a can of white paint 

Good luck in finding the art card unsigned to paint then ;)

I won't be surprised if someone makes copies of it at a print shop and paints them. If they can make counterfeit signed baseball cards with holograms and foil these will be a piece of cake to fake.  

There's ebay stores making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year selling fake autographs and they get away with it, no problem. These will probably be an easy target for those scumbags. Print cards for a few cents each dribble some paint on for a few more cents... make $40-60 a few hundred times. I definitely wouldn't buy these on ebay if I missed them here. 

I simplify this whole thing. She's red hot and has been for a few years now, and her fans will buy anything she sells. Look at her merch stand and the way fans line up immediately when the doors to her shows open.

It's easy, it's cheap, it's different and it's supposedly customized by Billie herself. Fans will buy it no doubt. It's not intended for casual fans or collectors.

She did something similar on her live LP on Third Man Record. It was sold out immediately. It is commanding a very high price in the resale market. 

There are 480 left!

Sold out! Good gimmick. 

I'm waiting for the vomit splattered cards


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