UK Only - includes the signed artcard.*/*/Happier-Than-Ever-Signed-Music-Bundle/739U0000000

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Back in but £50*/*/Happier-Than-Ever-Signed-Music-Bundle-2/73FU0000000

17 left 


gone argh 

Was able to get one of the initial bundles!

However when I check on the order details at my user account the signed art card is not mentioned. 
It’s just me or everyone’s shows the same?


Yes, everyone’s shows the same. I imagine it is because the listing stated that the signed art card ships separately and at a later date. I don’t think it’s anything to be worried about - I gather a few people have emailed the web-store already for clarification anyway.

Has anybody heard any word on when the signed art cards might ship?

Nope, got my CDs and tapes on Fri/Sat, scares me this….

I asked and they just told me "a later date" without any estimate. So this could be from days to months

Or from days... to months.... to Never! 

I gor my cd and gray vinyl along with the two tapes on friday ! Very impressive !  especially with the fast shipping but yes its the carrot that is dangling that we all want and not knowing is a bit fustrating ! After the sheryl crow no signed photo crap today , have a lost a tiny bit of confident again in these signed preorders but l have still have faith that this one will be carried through and well we all be elated when it does  !!  Why they couldnt wait until billie signed the cards so everything could be shipped together is beyond me but i guess its a keen interest to get our money as quick as possible lol .

Like all else, my cassettes have arrived. Please post when the graphs  start rolling in!

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that we are chasing our supplier for any update as to when we can expect this to arrive although at this time, we do not have an exact date.

As soon as stock arrives, we will ship the art cards to all customers that have ordered them.


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