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Has anyone heard if Barnes & Noble will be doing their annual Black Friday instore Signed Edition promotion? If so, any ideas of what books could potentially show up?

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and be careful with the Jordan Peele book because there was a collectors edition of this book released and his signature was digital 

Matthew mcconaughey would be a nice find Jordan peele would be nice but now that I know Jordan peeles other signed book wasn’t real worries me 

Are we sure we're not confusing Jordan Peele with Keegan Michael-Key?

Interesting - that’s a different email than the one I’ve been seeing posted which does have Jordan Peele

Nope, you're right. Peele is there. I stand corrected.

No(eye roll) 

Yeah, my bad. I'll take the L on that one. Wasn't sure what Peele's book looked like, but now that I see it listed, if it's real and not digital, he's on the top of my B&N list.

I've heard the Peele's are all digitally signed.

I saw the Jordan Peele one on Blackwells a while back and noticed it was advertised as digitally signed so passed of course

I just found four Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, and my little Bam store. so they are out there. You just gotta look for them

I’ll have to check my bam nice find 

Any chance of Bono signed books showing up? 



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