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Has anyone heard if Barnes & Noble will be doing their annual Black Friday instore Signed Edition promotion? If so, any ideas of what books could potentially show up?

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Hoping that the random rumors of B&N holding back Arnold's for Black Friday is true, and maybe since they have Geddy signed editions, maybe those will be included as well. 

They didn't have a couple of major titles online this year, like Arnold and Patrick Stewart. It would surprise me if they aren't holding these back. 

Did anyone see an ad last year? I don’t remember seeing anything, but they still had them in store. Was mad I missed Bono

There is nothing listed yet, even their web site says to stay tuned. other deals going on at the moment. 

Last year I believe they had Brian Johnson on their Black Friday ad, but none actually showed up in the stores for the Black Friday event. The biggest ones I pulled last year was Paulo Coehlo The Alchemist paperback, and Tom Felton signed 1st Edition. I would assume they would do something to the same effect, an email to all members with whatever is "supposed" to be available, in the picture. 

Didn't get much last year...picked up a Dale Jr and Tom Felton but was really hoping for a Brian Johnson. Arnold and Geddy would be nice finds this year. Don't forget about the half price sale around New year's too. Sometimes you can find some decent signed leftovers.

This is always last minute.  B&N will send members an email early next week. 

I think last year it was late afternoon the Tuesday before. 

Not to get speculation riled up but the Arnold signed book I got from the Eventbrite/Live Talk LA shipped from a Barnes & Noble location.

They might actually get them in store for Black Friday.

I bet youre right.

Guessing that Rachel Maddow's "Prequel" is among them 

Just got the B&N back Friday sneak peek. Nothing to get excited about. John Stamos,  Kerry Washington,  Matthew McCaughey,  Jordan Peele and the Iron Flame book seem to be the big ones this year 



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