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All sold out 

Not surprised that they've sold out again. Hopefully some members on this site managed to grab some.

I just cannot wrap my head around paying over $100 for four signed digi packs! :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ 

When eventually it would have been "worth" it in the long run. 

To Boost Up US Sales, Blackpink Are Sending Signed Digi Packs To Select Independent Record Stores! I Will Try To Get One/Some Tomorrow **So, Yes, I'm Eating My Previously Said Words** At Least I Don't Have To Pay Shipping!

More Information Here: This Was Sent Out To Their Email List Serve.

I don't know if it's true but I have been seeing a lot of people on Twitter saying that these aren't their signatures, and the rumor is that their managers signed them. not sure how they would know that but that's what's going around. 

Sooo... nobody ever commented this on here. Fake? Any more info / opinions on those autographs?

I kinda think no one knows enough about these autographs (here - or even really otherwise) to really know what to think. I guess the guy above seems to know what he's talking about, but I haven't seen enough of the pro/counter arguments to know what to make of the thing. Other than maybe this genre is mostly worth steering clear of.

I agree. Although, given the enormous scale of this band, this should actually surprise one. But it's probably a very different fanbase.

Kenny D, would you name the source of your screenshot? I'm interested in who it is that gave this opinion on the graphs.

Personally, in the end it came out to one card from each member for me - I will keep those, but wouldn't go for another Blackpink release in the future.

Came across on eBay with acoa authentication for members Lisa, Jennie

An authentication company certifying these is insane to me. I brought both a Lisa and Jeannie from this release but brought them knowing that there authenticity would be basically impossible to determine due to the lack of sufficient confirmed in-person autographs from the members. I wonder how they made the determination and if the fact that the individuals who got them certified were RACC trusted sellers meant they did little research before stickering them. 

Here are the remaining members Rose, Jisoo with acoa authentication and now Beckett as well for all members

FYI, quickly sold out in Minneapolis, 

Anyone wanting at any other indie store market should act fast.

NewsItem | Electric Fetus

12:40 pm update: We are now SOLD OUT of the BlackPink signed CDs. Thanks to everyone who stopped in today. 



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