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Blacula 1972 William Marshall's Personal Copy of the Preview w Vintage SP & Original Litho Lobby Card

Hello Everyone,

Here is William Marshall's own copy of the preview for Blacula along with a dynamic original lobby card by Phil Segura. The original script had no backstory for the vampire, and this did not sit well with Marshall. He insisted the character be an African Prince, Prince Mamuwaude, on a noble mission to end the slave trade, starting with an appeal to a certain influential Count in the Carpathians.

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And a very early, very scarce 1953 William Marshall SP to round it out. This was his very first film.

These items arrived today and I could not be more pleased! 

Congratulations those are great.  I remember going to see Blacula in the theater when it first came out.  Marshall was certainly a wonderful actor.

He certainly was! He single handedly stole an entire Star Trek episode! It is good to hear from you.

Hello All,

My Scream Blacula Scream SP purchase was cancelled :-(

But I found this for $15 shipped on Bonanza :-)

I love the inscription!

According to the Director:

Blacula was the first black vampire film.

It had the first black vampire hunter.

It showed a man being bitten by another man onscreen for the first time

It had the first interracial gay couple on screen.

It had the first vampire suicide.

I don't recall the merchant - you do? I have found that sometimes the merchant can be irrelevant. I once bought a Gleason of all things from Offer Up for just $50, sent a check made out to cash - did everything wrong I could as an experiment. I received a superb 1970's Gleason which was then sold.  One of the most astounding Gleason's I ever had came from Etsy for $65 shipped.  

Anyway, this is a typical example of his 1970's signature. If you have any evidence that this is not genuine - please show it. Otherwise, I don't know what you are basing your statement on. 

You never said anything about not causing offense. Anyway, I never looked at any of that material. The Marshall came up in a search and I bought it because it is authentic.  It had no COA. This would be a remarkable forgery  - I assume the others you mentioned are as well?

Pardon, but where do I find that? I looked and didn't see that archive.


Thanks, that is the page I bought from. I thought it would be something different.

I posted the wrong exemplar. This is from PSA:

Picture 1 of 2

As I said, I never saw any of that material. 

Here is another - Star Trek "Daystrom" card signed, With these few exemplars what is your opinion of the signed 1977 card?


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