Anyone able to tell if these signatures are legit? The poster is on sale from High End Memorabilia from California. I found when I did a Google search for "High End Memorabilia fakes." I wasn't familiar with this site. I saw a Star Trek signed cast photo in their auction which looks genuine to me and matches my in person one. I'm not familiar with High End Memorabilia as a company, so would love to hear from anyone who knows about them.



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I would avoid that. It really looks like the same person signed all of them, and even if they did get everyone, it's highly unlikely they'd get them all (including Ford) with the same pens. Most of the signatures look the same size and more slowly signed than their authentic counterparts.

From your recent posted items I would gently suggest less buying and more self education. The presentation and sources speak volumes which you should be hearing like...a klaxon.

Please link to this Star Trek. Thank you.

I have the Sean Young in person and this one is off in a few areas. Also i have seen in person Harrison Ford and this one is way off. If anyone says Harrison Ford signed something out in public it is probably false because he is a horrible signer unless he gets paid and can sit down and have a nice leisurely signing.  

Does Ford ever sit down for a leisurely signing? I’ve never in my life seen that. I have in person Sean young, Rutger Hauer, Syd Mead, and the guy who played Tyrell whose name escapes me. To me that Ford sig looks good as a quickly signed one based on what I’ve seen on the few occasions he’s signed unpaid and out in the wild.

Yes when he is paid to do it. I have only seen one company that has been able to set it up and actually make it happen. Hell they have had Sylvester Stallone at a comic book convention if you could possibly see that. 

Wow. Sorry I missed that. I figure I’ll never get Ford and Ridley Scott. I stupidly missed Brion James when he was at Chiller in NJ. Then he died...


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