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Blink-182 Signature Study: Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge, Travis Barker

2.8.2018 Update: I am moving this discussion to a Blink-182 fan site, and will be updating it more often.



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Hi Ryan,  I'm really hoping you have some good news for me.  I just bought this poster on eBay and it looked legit to me.  I of course found out about your post here minutes after winning the auction.  The seller says this is from their 2003 tour.  Thank you in advance!

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Thank you so much! Made my day!

I uploaded the back cover of my TOPAJ album that Mark and Tom signed when they came onboard the USS NIMITZ August 2003. Unfortunately Travis was feeling sick so he wasn't there for the signing.

Since I dug up the CD, I was wondering if there are any tips on how I can get Travis to sign so I can finally frame it.

Also what do you think of these Travis signed drumsticks? its from ebayer 818yankees, who has a number of Travis stuff for sale. Since its a drumstick I know the signature can be compressed a bit. What do you think, real or fake? 

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Hey Ryan!

Your article is totally helping me with verifying a guitar I came across.

I am really hoping you might be able to look at some pictures and tell me what you think.

I won it in a contest at work in 2011. It was 1 prize of many (Like the super bowl) Not just a steak knife contest ya know.

So it has some legitimacy.

I have an autographed ES333 Tom Delonge signed by all 3 members.

I was hoping for your opinion. It seems to follow all the guidelines in this article.

Thank you for your time!
Hey bud, attach a picture for me or shoot me it in a message and I'll be happy to opine. Cheers
Here is a photo I just took. Seems to load better Ryan
Attachments: No photo uploads here

Hey Josh i think you deleted your reply, but for what it's worth Izea's guitar is definitely authentic. We had a discussion about it via e-mail when he couldn't get the photos to load here. I gave him my opinion on the value, and while I certainly don't think it's worth 5k, it is definitely a one of a kind item and since it's his he can ask whatever he wants and field offers.

Also, not sure if you got your answer on that drumhead or if I helped you elsewhere but it was 100% authentic. If you have any other Blink questions make sure you post them in this thread or I won't see them. 



Haha Josh. I get notifications every time you post in this.
I came here to speak to Ryan before considering selling it.

AND I am not asking for $5000 I'm taking all offers. $5000 is my goal...

Thanks again Ryan for your help!

Hey Ryan!  I was looking for the band's signatures to try and verify this guitar I'm looking to buy, and stumbled upon your post.  It was insanely thorough: exactly what I was looking for.  Mark and Tom's signatures look okay, but "Travis's" is throwing me off.  What's your opinion on this before I blow my money on it?

If you decide you don't believe the signatures I have a guitar with all 3 signatures for sale. Ryan was quite impressed with what I had showed him. Feel free to contact me at Izea.beltran@gmail.com I have it online for $1000


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