Blink-182 Signature Study: Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge, Travis Barker

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Had an image on my phone
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Hey Dalton, this is not authentic IMO. I've seen some stuff around 2004 that this is attempting to mimic, but I would not buy that guitar.

Also if you are going to buy a guitar signed by Blink, IMO it is way cooler to have one of their signature guitars signed, as opposed to just some random guitar. For example Tom's signature strat, or Epiphone ES-333, or Mark's signature bass. 

It looks like Izea posted his below which is super rad, and 100% authentic. Maybe you guys can work something out for his. Good luck!

Right on. Thank you Ryan and Izea!
Hey Ryan
Really good of you to provide advice like this - much appreciated.
Can you offer an opinion on the authenticity of these SIG's - the Travis and Tom ones don't look right to me, but maybe they were just being rushed/sloppy?
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Thanks very much Ryan - much appreciated

Here are most of my Blink autographs. I am 100% sure on most of these. Only ones I question is the EOS cd and Marks photo because my dad bought those for me on ebay at least 15 yrs ago. The Dude Ranch I'm not sure of either but looked legit to me. But the rest were in person or from their website specials. 

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I also have a guitar and shirt signed by them but they're at my parents house in NJ so don't have them on hand. Like i said i believe 75% are real. Would love some confirmation. Thanks!

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Yeah man thanks! I stumbled upon this site and figured hey I better look at my stuff and make sure. The Mark photo and EOTS don't bother me since it wasn't my purchase lol. That Dude Ranch I am sitting uncomfortable with now lol. I think that one buyer you mentioned Dizzywhatever also has another seller account I believe where I purchased the Dude Ranch. The thing is he has a lot of autograph stuff and I study autographs too and they seem really legit. i've personally exchanged emails with him and he seemed to be to just be a big collector trying to unload his old stuff.

Yeah that 2000 one was a program i got at the their show. Bad religion and Fenix TX opened up for them. The next year they did a cd signing in NJ for TOYPAJ and thats where i got it signed. Once I get the shirt and guitar back in my possession I will post them. Blink 4 life!

Hello ryan, since you are a great blink expert 182 you could give me information - it's hard to find the original "autographed" enema of the state "I think it's a big disc with a big cover !!thanks

hi ryan, you can accept my friend request, i would like to ask you things on blink 182 thanks



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