Hello everyone,

I would appreciate any help with this Dylan signature, would really like to sell it if I can prove authenticity. It's a cut from the front cover of The New Morning lp and I believe it's from the late 1970's, it's also a bit faded unfortunately. 

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I personly don't think u will get a yes or no to sell it on here.u will have  to get a real coa from roger or becket or psa one way or another to sell it if u want to list it as bob is so weird and hard a u didn't witness it. or consign it to someone and let them do the leg work as Dylan goes for crazy money hope that helps

Hi Marc,

Thanks, I had a feeling that would be the problem, I can't pretend I did witness it as I didn't! I bought a collection of bootleg lp's from deceased U.K. Dylan aficionado John Green and this was amongst the collection.

much appreciated anyway,


I would send this to Roger for $15. Even though the Bob looks mostly correct, it's the D and the transition into the Y that bothers me the most. I'm not saying that it's not Real, but it will require someone of a higher pay grade to be able to make the call. Roger is really Good on Dylan and $15 is nothing, if it is Real. 

Thank you Tim,

I wanted an opinion before I did send it to Roger and if you believe it is worthwhile doing so I think I will, 

most helpful of you, thanks for your time.

Hello again Tim,

I eventually sent it to Roger and he said it looks fine to him, so thanks, a nice result!

Your Welcome. I'm glad it worked out for you. Still wanting to Sell it?

Hi Tim,

Yes probably, not sure for what though,



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