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I wont be at my desktop until later but I plan on comparing everything released later tonight. This is an aspect I am afraid of. If machines are able to randomly write different variations. Its only a matter if time until pen pressure is figured out.. I absolutely see autopens as being a threat to this hobby in the future and this practice must be stopped before they become undetectable

Mine does 

I got the same one!!!!

I held off on this cause I just couldn't picture Bob sitting around signing a bunch of pieces of paper. I was really hoping it would turn out differently but the autopen proof is all right there.  I love Dylan but can't believe his people would charge $600 for a stamp. This is just unbelievable.

For anyone left with delivery pending today- are you going to accept? 

Is anyone contending these are not autopen based on what has surfaced? 

I'm not going to sign for mine. May not even come to the door

More effort was put into this than just signing them. Maybe we should hold them and see if they want to make this right. This could actually force him to sign.

I think he'd change his name before being forced to do anything.

Just a few random thoughts as I watch all this unfold....

Who really thought these would be real?

Bob Dylan most likely does not have the remotest idea about any of this. His management would very possibly be the ones who approved this.

Even S&S might not know.  They were assured by BD's management that they were real.  Even if S&S opened several books to compare signatures, they might have not found two that were identical.

In one of these BD threads someone said that S&S told them that Snow Commerce was the fulfillment agent for these.  Check out their website.  Maybe they are just another middleman, or maybe they helped create this "collectable".

These multiple autopen editions seem to be coming from different sources (publishers) but I strongly suspect there msy be one player behind the scenes who is promoting these autopen signed editions with multiple patterns. (Maybe Snow Commerce is closer to the source?)

Somewhere there is a person or team of people who are operating an autopen machine with multiple patterns and signing piles of books.  It isn't Bob Dylan and it isn't the CEO of S&S.

This is a possibility and is part of my thinking.. similar to Dollys autopens. She never addressed the issue and there is no proof she was ever aware. Does her team have permission to make decisions like these without her knowledge? Does Dylans team? I picture a manager, similar to a Scooter Braun,  who is diabolical enough to attempt fraud at this level

Just got mine. Here it is for reference. 


Adam H's perfectly matches the initial signature from Indigo that was pulled. 



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