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The sad thing is apart from Autopens continuing, these will end up on ebay in the future as genuine hand Signed By Bob Dylan with the letter of Authenticity !!

Well done to all who contributed to making Simon & Schuster cave, especially Jason and Nick.

I’ve had a busy weekend, and, when I have had the chance to check in to the forum, I’ve struggled to keep up with all the posts.

It remains to be seen if Simon & Schuster will extend the same offer to U.K. customers.  With a third party involved (Coles), I doubt that will happen.  My guess is Coles will refund their customers directly, then the books will be returned to the publisher and pulped.

I don't think they're going to lose more money on the shipping costs for these. 

No worries ! It was Jason H and all you guys too !

S&S do  have Offices in India and Australia.... maybe they will send the Coles / Premiere ones their! 

100% correct.. major team effort.. so many contributors. Im so proud of everyone on here. I would not have been able to do any comparisons if it wasn't for everyone on here willing to accept deliveries and post photos. I still plan to finalize all comparisons so keep those full page photos coming in please

Soon I'll need to reserve an autopen shelve. This will stand proudly next to Songteller and Run Rose Run.

I'm new here, so what are the most infamous autopens around?

Gilmour send preprints, Dylan send Autopens. Dolly send Autopens. Even the same previously used template. Lord knows who else. It's a list of some length I believe. 

I remember a book by Gilmour from ? (Waterstones?) that had his Autopen slid all over the pages to appear hand signed. Very subtle, but worked.

I wonder if they are going to refund everyone, or only the ones complaining. In the latter case they probably still made a fortune of these books, and anyone offering it for sale in the future, thinking he had a solid investment in his hands, might be in for a nasty surprise.

What is $600,000 compared to 993 million? They could not care less. Of course this was all shut down before it became a news item of interest to perhaps 0.04% of people. 

Never should have happened to begin with. Best we can do is keep the evidence up in perpetuity to warn people (and publishers) against this kind of behavior. The publisher knew and doubled down on it, and would have got away with it had it not been for the actions of a select few collectors.

What a black mark on Dylan's legacy. Shameful.

993 million is only their revenue. I work for a company that makes more than that in profit. And believe me, 600k is still an amount of money that they care not to loose.



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