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So I’m just starting this to help those still waiting on their orders or otherwise trying to sort out what they have. There are multiple autopen templates involved (see below). As of now, store is accepting returns for refund.

**Credit to AL member Sapphyre who first mentioned autopen and posted her example (on original thread). I was able to match it quickly to AL member R Buck’s, who also posted theirs early on. Thanks to both. 






(4 with the thinner- looking J in Jon):




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Great idea. If any of you have more examples for that autopen pattern, please upload/update

This thread is for #4

From ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/166817249675 (found by @AnotherBrickIntheWall)

Found another one on Ebay (left autograph)

(can't upload file for some reason, will try later)

Added #5 above, both from eBay 

Here’s my garbage…might be a different template than those above? 

Yeah, looks like #6. Would you add the full version of the bottom one and I’ll get them added up top? Thanks for posting. 

EDIT- I see full version now, and added. Thanks again. 

I sat the four I received on my spotlight to be able to view them. It’s pretty obvious what I got. 

One example of fake #3

Three examples of fake #6

Thanks for posting and good idea with the spotlight. I’ll try to get your better examples added at the top

Sure. Use them wherever you’d like.

Appreciate it, those were good examples…they’ve made it difficult with the placement but there are ways around that!

This is to complex for the average joe why can we not explain which sources are fake and be done with it.

What even makes them a fake? how do you spot the fakes on this release? Photos just add confusion.


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