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Wonder if these can be warmed up and removed easier?

Ordered the bundle from the official store day one and they haven’t even shipped it. 

Well, mine is barely visible.  Not happy

Don’t blame you, not cool…may be worth asking for a replacement, since it appears most got signed more toward upper left 

Guess the extra dime upcharge for the gold or silver sharpies was out of the question.

Initiated a request for a replacement or refund.  Had thought the art card would at least be near CD art size, but it is very tiny.

The sig example on here and his FB site showed the sigs in upper white area.

This one came with the LP and I'm awaiting a signed CD order.  Maybe that one is better.

Hopefully they’ll make it right for you, you never know. And yeah, hope the CD is better.

Was this from his US store? How small is the card? Just curious.

Bought from US store.  Card is about 2 x 2.  Not much bigger than a wallet size photo.  Almost couldn't find the card at first . . . followed by the sig disappointment.  I now have 3 examples of sigs in the upper white area PLUS the website indicated a white or silver-like highlighted sig.  Will probably pursue a credit card chargeback claim if no satisfactory result with all the examples.

I am satisfied with this small card (sig in the white corner), because of that small price. Ok, I still own an autographed Slippery-LP and Fahrenheit, but I haven't expected anything else.

Ps: this LP is qualitatively much better than everything they have published since 2010 (expected 2020).

I noticed  the art cards were small, the Amazon cards, albeit, glued were CD sized 

Not impressed by the size and quality of the paper, but nice sig though...

Anyone happen to have a spare real signature after I was duped with an auto pen? I can't pay hundreds of dollars. Sorry. Didn't know if folks bought multiples and would take pity on me provided theirs is real and also not an auto pen like mine.


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