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Looks reasonable for the date but I don't like the numerals. Image hard to see. For these 1980's years I suggest sending to Andy at

here is a little better on the date

Sorry, but I do not like this. As Eric says the numbers are not right plus there is something shaky about the signature.

Thanks Eric and Mark..That date is quite disheartening.  Glad i asked!

Anytime. Glad Mark and Andy assisted :)

I am not fan of this. Something on it looks weird. I do not like the ending flop of ''o''. 4 looks very close but if I am looking close it looks right handed. 

I don't like this either 

Just for clarity I checked with Andy at Bowie autograph, something else was bugging me about this example posted by John William. Andy confirmed this is a close copy of a signed 12" sleeve that recently broke a record (excuse the pun!) for a signed 12" single - it sold at rr auctions for over $2000. Thankfully as most have noted on here, the flaws are the "8" and the "4" and the dot of the "i"  but when you put them side by side you can see how clever the faker has "nearly" been on this one.

Great eye Mark! I felt it looked familiar!But with the glare I didn't go looking. Hoping to hear from you :)

Thanks Tim, Mark and Sara for the additional input....much appreciated




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