Good day,

Wondering about this Bowie signed changes, opinions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

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I'll try to find it. 

I looked at so many examples last night including yours

This could be the one I was talking about 

Pretty sure it's the only one I found 

Yikes! That is BAD!


Thought you might say that 

But I only remembered the horizontal slash. Was up late looking through Bowie sigs

The OP signed CD is not one I would buy, sell, or recommend. It has some contradictions and several areas of oddness. Also very smooth, mostly.


That leaves us in the same situation that the seller has some very close products but none that convince us


Also had a pm from a knowledgeable guy who also has concerns about the OP Bowie. 

When several experienced folks get that uncomfortable vibe... Then its best to move along. 



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