Hi there,

I just wanted to share the two Bowie autographs that I recently obtained. :) Earlier this year I bought my first autograph on eBay. It turned out to be a fake (I know you all are *shocked*). I didn't realize that it was fake until I was randomly looking through eBay and noticed the seller that I purchased it from seemed to have quite the supply of "authentic" Bowie autographs of somewhat nebulous origins. I finally investigated a bit (as I should have done in the first place) and figured it out.

After that I realized I probably needed to educate myself a bit more and I found this site. I have to thank you all on here, (especially Eric Longo and Milan) and Andy of the David Bowie Autograph site, for all the help and guidance in tracking these down. They're my first and I'm quite excited!

Thank you all for being such an awesome resource.



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That 1977 is SUPERB! Congratulations!

PS - a scan of that size can be swiped, printed and sold - I'd reduce it! 

I didn't even think about that, thank you! I swapped it out.

Hi Morgane,

Someone just posted this on eBay (for $5)...but dated 1980! Look familiar? Oops... ;) 

LOL Wow, they don't waste any time. It does look quite "drawn." I'm glad to know I'm getting better at recognizing that any way. ;)

Hi again Morgane,

this is a "B" style rather specific to 1977. The 1980 date and numerals...I was expecting to see a simple print made from yours for sale - this is a copy. I have had this happen to me as well. As soon as I offered the autograph below with the flat the copy beneath showed up on eBay (shown in negative with my additions):

I LOVE this one with the flat! Just an aside. Lol

It's really interesting to see how certain signature types are so aligned with specific years (not just decades). I mean, when I think about it, the evolution is expected and logical, but I guess I wouldn't have thought it would be as specific as a year or so.

Well, 76-77 and 80-81 are very unusual years Morgane.

Thank you! I'm super excited. :)

Hi again, I am glad you are - 1977 is so very rare :) It is wonderful to have the older example. The CD I remember helping Milan with - also lovely.

This could become an

Hi Morgane

Congratulations on the 77 purchase, its stunning and so glad that Eric and Andy were able to guide you to a genuine autograph correctly - nice one! 



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