Hi there!

I'm basically trying to further educate my own eye and I was wondering what others thought of these autographs. I stumbled upon them on FB. This member had some other Bowie stuff for sale and I saw these as past sold items. My knee jerk reaction was that they aren't real. For starters they look really smooth and I feel like the numbers on a few are sized oddly (too small?). The angle also seems (slanting up to the right). Of course I'm fairly new to this so maybe I am being overzealous in deeming everything as fake. 

In any event, I'd love to hear what others think! Thank you!

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Hi, be beware of this seller (iconic collectable - something) he/she is offering very bad fakes for silly money. He/she is always says that photo have coa and offten are fakes selling together with tickets from concert.

Everything what is comming from this source are forgeries. 

Hi there!

Thank you for the heads up, always good to know!

Morgane, these are a bunch of obvious junk forgeries. Keep looking at the exemplars at davidbowieautograph.com

As always, thank you, Eric!

I thought that, I just wanted to confirm that I'm on the right track. :) I'm just trying to figure out more of the "why/details" behind it. I mean, aside from the fact it doesn't look right.

I am most certainly studying Andy's site; I've also been trawling through all the threads and your commentary here (so thank you for that too!).


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