Hi all

Would please love some expert opnions on this Bowie signed Labyrinth LP.


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Yes. Please know the autograph if you’re giving an opinion. The recent guesswork is severely hurting this forum. 

We never talked about the second bowie. 

? I did - I objected to it because of the contrast, but it has a good appearance (these post 1980 years are more MarkG's territory), and I believe Seamus said he thinks the second is authentic based on what he posted. 

I didn't see your comment on that. I said the jennifer is a fake :) didn't inspect the second bowie

Here’s a Labyrinth Poster a friend got in person. It’s a very rushed Bowie

I love seeing stuff like this. Getting someone like Bowie on an oversized item takes dedication, and luck. Any idea when this was signed?

The quality of being one of a kind, for me, makes up for a lot of shortcomings in other areas.

And finally, here is a good Connelly exemplar. Very similar to those previously posted

yes this is a good example. Which we can clearly see the autographs are forged on the sellers item. People don't do a drastic change to their autographs. album came out on 83 jennifer never changed her J.

What an inane statement.

Labyrinth came out in 1986, but the album was clearly signed much later.

I would like to thank all members for their opinions and comments. 

I am glad we have a forum such as this to canvass opinions and build collective knowledge.

Big thank you to Eric (as always) and Seamus for posting great examples that i had not seen before.

Hi Matt,

click here for some other unusual 1973-1980 Bowie signatures I posted yesterday.

Hi Eric

Thank you very much, i have downloaded these to do some 'homework'.

Greatly appreciated


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