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Thanks for posting 

Is anyone else having trouble putting in a phone number for Waterstones?  I’ve tried every combination. 

Lol yes, wtf…it eventually took my area code in first box and rest of number in the second box but only after multiple tries and refreshing page multiple times. 

well they all sold out quicker than expected (Waterstones, Hatchards, Foyles).  I should have grabbed when I first saw them.

GOT IT!  Thank you so much!!!

What’s the betting it will be signed with a big ‘B’, I’m not expecting a great signature!!!!!

of course it means nothing but here is what they show

Have to say that I was initially happy to see this but given the recent debacle over MMB I decided not to order.

Somehow, I don't see Boy George as the kind of person who would be so blatantly dishonest in respect of autopens or secretarials, e.g. but it's not as if we're mates - who knows, really?

I'm boycotting Waterstones until I see how they manage this Milly Bobby Brown affair.

yeah, his signature has been pretty decent and consistent in the past from what I've seen but a lot of these artists have a good track record until they don't. when they have to sign a couple thousand it's not a problem but now with them being asked to sign tens of thousands of these books or CDs they switch to initials. and not disagreeing with you on him not seeming like the type but quite a few of the autopens or fakes I've gotten over the last several years have been from people who had the reputation of not being the type to scam their fans. I'm not sure how much of this could be the labels doing it without their knowledge but it seems like they should know. especially when it's figured out and the outrage is all over social media 



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