Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen - are these authentic?

Hello guys,

I bought a signed (by Brian May and Roger Taylor) and framed LP on eBay, which was sold by a reputable company in UK.

The seller said that they get most of the signatures themselves and that they obtained these from a concert in Liverpool in 2015 (it was a Queen + Adam Lambert gig). So the LP and the signatures are not from the same era (The Works album was released in 1984).

I paid 340 GBP for the item and I'd appreciate if you could help me with a couple questions:

1) Do the signatures look authentic? :) Brian's looks good to me, but I'm not sure about Roger's.

2) Would this be worth more if the signatures and the album were from the same era?

I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you!

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First question: Yes, they're good
Second: You paid too much for them. Without Freddie, the others are under $50 each in my opinion. The same era? Well, I don't think that's important.
Hi there. To answer your questions, yes, they're reeal- both are typical of their more recent style. Unfortunately, Brian and Roger alone are not considered to have a high value as they sign daily. Yes, had they both been a 1980s style, they would be worth a bit more but not much. This item has a collector's value of about $70-100 USD. Unfortunately, it'd likely be considered on the lower side of that scale due to Brian being in such a dark spot on the album. If they were both 80s style, it would bring it up to a value of around $120-150 USD.

I hope that helps. All the best.

Thank you very much for your help @Fran and @Innuendo.

I'm happy to hear that the signatures are original. :)

The seller has 3 more similar items to sell (the asking prices are 399 GBP / 500 USD) and I tried to make a lower bid from another eBay account, however, anything under 300 GBP was automatically rejected.

Nevertheless, the reviews for the company are stellar, both on eBay and on TrustPilot. The framing is supposedly top quality.

Anyway, I'll be receiving the item this week. Can't wait. :)

Thanks again to both of you.

Happy to help. Take care.




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