requires a ticket stub/receipt for current tour 

Bought one a few years ago and truly stunning 

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How much?

Same price as unsigned but if you upload ticket stub you will get a signed one 

The BMG Special - Antique Cherry
RRP : £895.00Worldwide Price : £662.50
UK Price : £795.00 Inc. 20% VAT

I just uploaded my ticket stub for this year and these are the prices:-

Are you using your ticket?  If not would you mind if I did?  Pm me.  Ty

Sure - have added you as a friend so I can PM

AROUND £ 700+ shipping included

I was at last nights gig in Glasgow, if anyone is serious about purchasing let me know and I can provide one or two stubs 

I’d like one please

Sending now, you need to accept my friend request 

Accepted, thanks

Should be with you now, remember to register by above link to get access to signed guitars 

Me too if poss please


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