requires a ticket stub/receipt for current tour 

Bought one a few years ago and truly stunning 

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Anybody know when these will begin to ship?

Thanks again Steve, can’t wait

Think it’s usually at the end of the tour mate and no problem 

Just seen this on Brian Mays Facebook, thought those who ordered will be interested, he’s signing them now

Yes, I know. I think I just said some of that. It is a short scale guitar as you just pointed out. If this were an accoustic it would be a 3/4 sized guitar.

Surprised they are using Macassar ebony - it is very vulnerable in protection status  - three steps away from extinction. Also surprised no sixpence pick considering everything else you get! 

Have these been shipped cause Brain posted video on Instagram of him signing guitars. If not might be a new promo 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Not sure, but keep us posted

Yes, got it at least 2 months ago !


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