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Brian Wilson's assistant, Jeff Foskett has been signing for Brian when he takes stuff on the bus, backstage or anywhere that Brian can't be seen.  I have put up here some examples of Jeff's version of Brian's signature so if you got burned you will know.  Don't get anything signed by Brian on this tour unless he is standing in front of you.

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I wonder if you drop a grand for the meet & greet package if Brian still hides and makes Jeff sign his autographs. I wouldn't doubt it.


He hides?  LOL...what's up with that?  So, what do you end up getting for the G?

I should see if there are any decent scouting reports out there for the meet and greets.  Looks like it isn't quite as expensive as I thought it was (though it looks like the price may vary by venue).  But there is no real "guarantee" explicitly stated that you'll get autographs - just a photo with the band.

Thanks Roger.

Out of curiosity, when in-person collectors sell on ebay, would they still qualify obtaining their signatures in this manner (i.e. item signed behind closed doors) as "in-person"? 

I got them from a collector friend of mine.


No one is "stealing" anything.  I am just trying to help out the autograph community with this discussion.  If people are going to get so defensive instead of trying to work together to better the hobby I'll just stop writing discussions to help.  Let's just say I got them myself however that may have been.  Now what?

He's probably selling them on ebay and is upset to find out that they are not Brian Wilson autographs.

Thanks Roger, This is a good example of why I love this magazine. Where else could you get a heads up on a potential problem with a signature before it's too late?

It is too late for some. The pic on the top right has been authenticated by PSA.


And the one below it, also authenticated by PSA.


I take it that these "certified" items are the two images that were called "stolen". Guess the owner is confused since they are "certified".

This shows why specific catagory experts are far more knowledgable and important to the hobby than mass / standard opinions. I'm sure the owner of these items wants to know who at PSA authenticated these items.

If they agree with Roger, will they re-call / change their opinion and offer a refund?


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