Brian Wilson & Van Dyke Parks - Signed Vinyl - $250

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Interesting. Thanks for posting. Has anyone ordered from hellomerch before? Just wondering if they're a trustworthy site before I consider buying one. Big fan of this album - would love a genuine signed copy.

Hello Merch seems to be okay as a merch vendor, as they handle quite a few artists. However, can Wilson really actually even sign anymore? His signature was atrocious years ago and he autopenned a number of books a few years back. In any case, I wouldn't put my expectations sky high.

Very good point. I bought the signed Barnes & Noble exclusive of the 'No Pier Pressure' vinyl a while back (I believe these are all genuine?) so I may just leave it at that.

Unrelated note - I watched the new film about him called 'Long Promised Road'. It's great. Well worth checking out.

Amazing item and a great album. These will be signed by Brian. The only instance of autopen was on the books, but since then he has signed the no pier pressure vinyls for B&N and signed dvd's for soundstage. The price is pretty high imo but it will only go up in value and it's worth it to get both BW and VDP on the same item.

The only thing I find strange is that it's not being sold on Brian Wilson's official website. His social media team usually do a pretty good job of promoting things too, so don't know why they haven't mentioned it. As much as I'd like something signed by Brian *and* Van Dyke Parks, something feels off here, to me.

This isn't the first time a signed item has been offered by Brian that wasn't offered on his website. I really wouldn't worry about it. Brian sells actual signed books on his tours these days for $50. He has been known to have others sign for him in the past--the that's why god made the radio signed cds sold on that tour were signed by the whole band had a Brian sig that was done by Jeff Foskett and as mentioned, the autopen books but I think his management learned their lesson because everything offered since has been actually signed by Brian.

I was aware of the autopen nonsense, so it took me a while to find a copy from a bookstore that I thought was legit. The thing that sold me was the inconsistent bleed-through on the back of the page. Could still be wrong, but put forward a sincere effort.

Does that match any of the known autopens? Looks good from my phone! Here's one of mine:

They all look similar, but it doesn't appear to be an exact match. The ISBN number is also different from the autopen publisher-bound copies.

Looks good to me but welcome opinions


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