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Is this autograph authentic?

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Member Kato the Master should be able to help. It looks a bit slow but Kato will know.

I've sent the thread to Kato for you.

Thanks Eric

To me I would pass, the U in Bruce and the R are a tad off to me and Kato still looks odd. The J should really be connected to the O from what I have seen in the past. Funny how all start with Jim or John on pieces that are signed from Bruce. Probably easier to do the J I would think. Some other parts are off so that's why I would pass on it. That's my opinion. I believe I have seen this before somewhere online.

Thank you Kato. :)

Thanks Kato. It sold for £4500 (~$6000).

Wow, I don't know why anyone with pay that amount of money with it being checked over by at least 3 to 4 people that know his signature. 

yes, amazing Kato

This is a fake


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