Ok guys need the help of the Springsteen experts here. Got a Darkness of the edge... LP offered and at the first glance I thought no way fake this is so way off. But I thought why would someone fake so obvious? So I did  google search and found a graph from 1978 that looks quit similar to the one on the record. So what do you guys think might this be real or a fake that looks like a vintage real one by accident?

Oh and here is the link to the real one


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Resembles nothing that I have ever gotten in person. Not even close.

Looks like it could be a late 70’s era signature. I have one in my collection and will dig it out of storage for comparison.

That would be awsome Richard.Thanks a lot for your help

Very welcome indeed.

Looks like his late 70's signature. 

Looks like a vintage to me at first glance.


Thanks everyone for opinions I also got Eppersons Ok a few hours ago and bought the record. Another real great addition to my growing collection. Really really happy I found that LP. Thanks again for your support




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