Hi guys. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I'm looking for a signed Bruce Springsteen item for my best friend who is a huge Springsteen fan. 

Neither one of us could really tell the difference on real or fake, but obviously you guys here would know way better.

I'm interested in this piece:

The signature seems similar to other pieces I've seen but I'm no expert either. I've inquired about the COA and will add in the info when I hear back.

Any opinions here are greatly appreciated. Thank you again

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Prince signed photo for 115? Bowie for 115? Several of each? Others? This is common forgery garbage. Enough red flags to satisfy...well. ;)

Hello again, I tried to add this - thought I did - but you closed the other thread so fast. You might start a thread here in the BST forum asking for what you are looking for - this will hopefully bring offerings to you and give you choice. You can also ask for opinions on those here as well. Find out what an authentic example should cost as well. From a quick look at closed auctions (not eBay) it appears a signed photo should be about $250-300 or so. Others will know more.

It's a good idea. Unfortunately, I'm on a bit of a time crunch and a budget (it's a wedding gift for him as he is my best man) so I don't know how far that could go. I'm just looking for a signed photo that can be framed. Obviously an album would be better, but like I said, on a budget unfortunately, so unless someone can get me an album signed and confirmed for a reasonable price, it would be just a photo

Time crunch and a budget = potential for mistakes. You need to know what an authentic example should cost. I checked closed reputable auction results and it appears about $200+ for a photo, not an LP. Bargains rarely pan out in this hobby - especially $115 Prince photographs etc. Buying this sort of gift with little or no experience and knowlegde in a rush on a budget...won't end well. I'm sorry I don't know what to suggest.

You're probably right. My fault for starting so late. I'll look around and figure something out. I appreciate your opinion. Thank you

You are very welcome. I don't want to see you get ripped off. :) Perhaps others will have additional ideas. It is a really nice gift you want to give but this sort of thing needs time and study etc. And it most likely will not be found at a bargain basement price.

Mighty kind of you, good sir. I agree but sometimes, treasures can be discovered in some odd places :)

True but on average, treasures in odd places are usually found by those who know what to look for. And that means knowing what an authentic signature looks like. 

+1 Right. And largely the rest of the "treasures" in odd places are planted, like the "$30 Springsteen"... ;)

In order to find, one must know what one is seeking.

This seller is from my neck of the woods and sells "nothing" but forgeries.
Stay clear of this clown

Bob Dylan for $92   (hahahaha yaaaa right !!!!)
It seems many of these exact same Dylan sigs are being produced in Canada. 

Ah. Glad to know that. Thank you

I sent you a friend request and may be able to help.



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