Buddy Guy has signed copies of his new release (in addition to some other goodies) available on his website. 

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Too expensive.

for now.... i passed as well., but very tempted

Expensive? Maybe.

An 86 year old legend? Definitely.

Will collectors regret not buying? Possibly!

If you are patient. You can score one a bit cheaper on ebay as of today, or at least the same price for a different album. I have a cd signed in my collection and now looking for a photo. Its expensive if you have absolutely no vision.. sold out anyways so it doesn't matter now

No doubt he is a legend. There's too much signed stuff from him out there though.

I was really just throwing it out there to any fans of the man.  It’s a fine release, and it was the first listing that I had seen for signed copies.  I jumped on it without hesitating.  I’m off indoor shows for the time being, so scoring it at his merch table is not an option.  For anyone who is having second thoughts about missing the first offering, he adds additional stock regularly.  

Thanks for sharing!

I have also been checking his website for the new signed album, but was hoping the price would be in line with a regular CD, like every other major artist. Unfortunately for us, and like many other smaller acts, he tries to make an extra profit with his signatures.

Buddy once gave me his guitar pick while playing on stage. I would love to have a signed CD to go with it.

His online prices have been pretty consistent ($40 for a signed CD).  I can’t fault the man for marking it up a bit for a signature.  I’m sure he knows what his autograph goes for on the collector’s market and figures he might as well get a piece of the action (and eliminate the middleman).  Of course, I might be whistling a different tune if we were talking about four different “limited edition” versions of the cover art, colored vinyl, and mystery signed inserts.  Congrats on scoring a pick from the man, very cool indeed!

Ha.. theres only 1 person who can exploit their fanbase in this way without backlash.. im not a fan of what she did at all, but I still bought a bunch. In fairness though, I didn't HAVE to buy more than 1.. She just knew people would. 

If Buddy did that, id probably be happy about having a variety, id choose my favorite version and move on. I'm just mad at her marketing tactic  since she used us to turn a mediocre album into a record breaking seller. 

26 signed copies of his new release LP available but other stock is sold out.  Maybe a restock? 

Some ebayer just sold this signed vinyl for $122. After ebay fees, they probably lost money LOL 

5 Black Signed Squier Strat Guitars were listed on his webstore a few days ago @ $299.99 with free US postage - there is Only one left , i know at least 2 of us on here have caved in and bought them already!! 

So be quick if you want the last one! 




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