I want to thank Mr Darvick for the great job he did shipping me a letter that I bought from him in his auction this past weekend. It was as advertised and the delivery beat the rain by about 15 minutes, luckily. I would buy again and again from him. I bought the letter from the secretary of the Navy 1866, Gideon Welles. Already had a copy made and original stored away with my 1864 Scientific American publications. Thanks again sir, Scott

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Sounds like a nice, smooth transaction.  Congratulations on your new item!  Mr. Darvick is a highly-regarded member.

On my first day as a new member and an absolute complete rookie trying to research my grandfather's autographs from the Hollywood canteen, I happened to come across a post Mr. Darvick  had put up asking for help identifying a signature. I had no experience with signatures but I do have a love of history and I knew who it was. I waited for a reply back from him because I didn't want to look like a big dummy on the first day, or worse look like a rookie know-it-all. I was completely relieved when he thanked me and let me know my info was correct. If I would have known his credentials I would probably not replied in the first place. Too much pressure on a rookie. Haha! 



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