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Is / was there any official signed book by Buzz Aldrin?

Many thanks for the info!

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Buzz has authored or co-authored more than 20 books.  He has offered many of those in signed versions.  He has many of these signed options listed on his website but you can find them at much better prices on Ebay.

which do you think is the one to choose from all his releases?

I seem to recall he did a couple releases for Easton Books that looked pretty sharp (leatherbound, etc.)

He did signings at bookstores back in the day.  I got a couple that way.

Actually, at the signing I attended, he cancelled last minute but he promised to sign any books that were ordered and have them sent to the store, which he did.

Check around the site here, I believe Steve has a bunch of posts and videos because there are some Buzz items had AP or secretarial or selling/giving away facsimile items. Books you may be ok. It's been a while since I saw Steve's videos.

Hello Morrison123,

on the official Website/Shop of Buzz Aldrin, many signed books are still being offered:


Quite pricey, but available :-)

I ordered a personalized autographed photo from Buzz which I received with a photo proof of the signing years back.



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