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Can you tell if the ink on the photo's are real or copy of some sort? 


It is being sold by international autographs. On invaluable or saleroom. It's now £900 plus 30% fees

Can u you post link please 

Yes, it is wonderful. And they have several 1966 pages like this with those three holes. A nice early Bowie etc.

The bids are: Invaluable £900 and the saleroom £400. So, at the moment, with fees, it stands at £1200

How can it be in 2 auctions at the same time?


There is also a saucerful LP signed by all 5, but I can't see gilmour. And I'm not sure about that one!?



£1400 now. That's £1800 with fees

This Saucer LP is pure garbage 

I'm reserving open judgment on the OP item for private chats only, because it's Syd Barrett.

Which may or may not be authentic 

Is anyone familiar with this website or auction house (I am not)… they seem to have quite a bit of material priced a little too reasonably with little or no provenance information  just curious

I've bought a few items from them. They are the RR of the UK 

They are not cheap. Haven't seen any howlers.



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