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Looking for only expertise opinions on my Elvis Presley autographed page.  I am not an "Elvis" autograph expert and don't pretend to be but I did compare to several exemplars I researched before I purchased it and to me it seemed ok along with the price. Given that a 3rd party COA endorsement is vital these days to resell an autograph I will ultimately need to send this in to one of the major authentication firms. Not sure which one however?  Thanks for your help and expert opinions!  Scans of front and back are attached.

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can you please share the exemplars you studied before you purchased this one?

Hi and thanks for your reply!  Pretty much I did an online search of diff auction houses image examples etc.. To me it had the overall look of being genuine, again, I'm no expert here which is why I am seeking out those who are very good with genuine Elvis autographs. Thanks again!

My opinion and a buck will get you a small coffee but I think you've got a good one here...

Elvis opened his engagement at the International hotel in Las Vegas on January 26, 1970 so the inscription on the reverse makes perfect sense to there's enough "right" with the signature to give it a thumbs up!

Thank you, Don, for your reply as well!  I assume you are very familiar with Elvis Presley autographs and appreciate your opinion.  It does give me more confidence in what I have.  I am hoping the fees for a 3rd party authentication company are reasonable but I will have to see. Thanks again!

This doesn't like right to me just because a date is written on the back do's not mean the signature is right.

Thank you, Mark, I will look toward Mr. Epperson for a $15 review.

I would suggest getting a quick opinion from Roger Epperson. $15.

$15 seems very reasonable for an expert opinion. Will look into that. Thank you!

I wasnt going to respond since I'm no Elvis expert. Unless its some type of rushed signed graph I'm not used to. I would definitely ask Epperson as I don't like it.

Thank you, Ian, I am in the process now of communicating with Mr. Epperson

I can seriously go either way on his one.  If it is was signed in the 70s no telling what kinda meds Elvis was taking at the time.... unfortunately. 

Curious to see what Roger says on it.  Please keep us updated.


Thank you, Mark!  This autograph business is risky and tricky and appears to be very subjective at times.  Not so cut and dry.  Take care.


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