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Yes alot Cheaper on her website $11.99 against $17.99 from Newbury 

Shipping much more expensive though.

I'm willing to pay a little more for the peace of mind Newbury brings to the table. Music Today flat out lied to me over the phone about the Loretta Lynn autopens. Proceed with caution when dealing with Camila's musictoday store.

Agreed .. I'm willing to pay slightly more to not have to worry about receiving an autopenned signature.

I suspect the source is ultimately the same?

Ah.. I did not see this haha. Yes, you're probably correct then. When it's between Newbury and an artist's store though, I pretty much always go with Newbury, because I've had no issues with them over the years.

Newbury has a fantastic track record for sure (I've had many transactions with them, and I think the only problem I've ever had were the Twenty One Pilots CDS), unlike a number of these merch companies that just can't hack it regardless of how simple their product line is.

Both Newbury and Camila's website had shown sold out earlier, but they appear to now be back up on both.

Side note - Camila's store is now saying the expected ship date is the 12th, while Newbury ii still showing the 6th.

Mine was Shipped today from Newbury




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