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Oddly I haven't received a shipping notification from Newbury, though I just got one fro Camila's store.

I have a bad feeling about all of these still being available. There's no way she is signing that many, she's just too busy.

I'm in the same boat. Granted, her blah signature/scribble probably makes it easier for her to sign a ton. Actually feeling better about the Halsey 24 hour sale though.

Im of the opinion that the quality of the sig will be sub $12 too. 

Yeah, expectations have been low on her sig for a while now. This might just be a final push for that #1 slot on Billboard.

So she still has the signed cds available from her website, and has added a signed vinyl bundle. I'm thinking this poor girls autopen, I mean hand, is gonna get wore out signing all of these. Kidding aside, I hope she's really signing them.

Yeah, I don't know what's going on here but I'm less and less comfortable. Again, she has a crap, non-effort sig that might make it easier for her to sign a ton (and just as easy for a ghostsigner to help).

Also, are we sure it's the vinyl that's signed in that package?

Actually, it did say Autographed Jacket when I checked out, as I stupidly bought another,

Not me. I'm staying far away from her web store. But you never know, maybe you luck out. I gonna look my Newbury copies over like Sherlock Holmes.

Speaking of which, they haven't shipped mine out. Flirting with canceling the order to be honest.

My Newbury order shipped out Saturday.

Well, I ordered as soon as it popped up Thursday, and I still haven't received any shipping updates. Odd for them. Meanwhile the ones from Camila's store shipped Friday. This whole thing has been weird.




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