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Hmmmmm Autographed Red Vinyl and CD Package Bundles.... where does it say the Red Vinyl is actually Signed? It's release date is down as 12th Feb - I wouldn't put it past them to send out a Signed CD (Signed By Whoever Maybe Camila, Maybe Autopen, Maybe Carmen The Cleaner).. and a Non Signed LP....... 

Signed vinyl jacket - it's confirmed when you check out.

Hmm States Vinyl / CD Package Autographed Jacket....  not Jackets.... doesn't state if it  is the  CD Signed Jacket, LP Signed Jacket or Both.... I'll be taking this with a grain of salt, Reading on the website it should be Both signed, I'm a bit dubious as it states CD Comes in a Mini Jacket....  !

Just saying as the Jeff Goldblum LPs were stated as Signed and they came UnSigned with a CD Sized Card.... I don't Believe anything Anymore! 

I get what you mean, but I think the term "jacket" is typically used only for vinyl (wile CDs stick to "case," "sleeve," "digipak," etc.. Again, the language could be open for interpretation, I suppose.

Yes it states the CD Comes in a Mini Jacket, which they are Never called!  so don't be surprised if that's the signed element of the package.... 

Oh wow. I guess we'll see. :\

I asked Sony Music, and here is their answer:

Thanks for contacting the Sony Music Store. From what we have been told it should be the jacket of the vinyl.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.
Sony Music Store Customer Service"

I received mine from Newbury.  Wish she would have signed in silver instead of black.

Code ROMANCE19 gets you a 20% discount on Camila's store right now.

Well, she's saying she signed "a few thousand" here:

Also, here's the link to the Amazon UK ones, which seem to be signed in silver?

The ones on Amazon UK  are Dispatched by a Seller called Chalkys UK with 94% Feedback and Not Amazon themsleves....

Ah, my bad. Guessing the signed products are still enroute to them (or just yet to be listed).




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