Can I automatically conclude a signature is authentic if it comes with a JSA/Beckett witness?

Is it safe to conclude that an autographed item is genuine/authentic if it comes with a matching JSA or Beckett witness card? 

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That’s a great question. If it’s full certification I think you can assume that it’s likely real. 

they can't lie about a itp certificate,and if you have doubts just ask the seller ''where-when-and how''. i did the same with the al pacino's i have with itp psa certificates and answers came also from autograph live with proof that at that moment steve grad did attend the signings with mr pacino. maybe you could post some of the items with itp certificates and answers will come...

Absolutely No.

If the cert is genuine then 100%

It's a fool proof way of it being authentic. 

I have a Pele signed ball with PSA ITP cert for that reason 

ITP certifications are as close to automatic as there is without getting it yourself. Although I never automatically assume anything in this business.

If my memory serves me correctly, there was some heated discussions about a Harrison Ford signing supposedly witnessed not long ago.

Oh right, do you who remember who was purported to have witnessed it?

With psa a rep is literally sitting there while a celeb does signings, then gets paid by the agency to certify them.

I would never buy Pele without an ITP as his signature is so easily forged

It was one of those private signing companies. Not PSA, JSA, or Bickett. I'm not disputing ITP certs in general. If you note I stated they are as close to automatic without getting it yourself in person.

Yes I read. Was just curious about which company it was supposedly witnessed Harrison Ford--so much bs in this hobby, it's disheartening at times 

In the title Marc says JSA – Becket.  BBC

I read the text, not the title, and didn’t realize you said witnessed. Yes, you can trust witnesses (In the Presence) with a legit COA. 

Probably better peace of mind than non-inperson authentication, but given the shoddy practices of both companies, I still wouldn't feel 100% great with just about anything they offer. 



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