Carly Rae Jepsen has announced the pre-order for her new album and has some signed CD options available. It does look like they’re art cards but at the price it is still worth it to me. She may not be super mainstream anymore but she has an insanely diehard fanbase.

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I bought the Signed Alt Cover CD! In the future I can buy the regular version for a cheaper price!

I've all of her albums, after E*MO*TION., signed by her!

Oh for goodness sake, I don't want a gosh darn cassette. (UK is only bundles)

You can buy only the vinyl or CD from the US store. In my case is cheaper than the Europe store. 

Please watch your language itf.

I did star it out myself! But noted. 

Worked out marginally more expensive to buy the alt CD from

the US store but as I prefer that cover that’s what I did in the end.

Not to digress, but I still haven't figured out the cassette resurgence. I can't say I know of many people I've encountered who actually like the things as anything beyond a marginally interesting novelty/collectible - and even then, the appeal is limited. I sure don't know of anyone who listens to the things. I'm wondering if manufacturing is especially cheap, but I find that hard to believe for a media that's been virtually obsolete for the better part of a quarter century.

In the UK it's simply because it counts another sale toward the chart. 

Both signed CDs already sold out in the US store.

UK store also has bundles as well.

Looks nice and pretty, but her E•MO•TION and KISS eras were the only time I had any real interest in her merchandise. I probably have too many signed items from her already tbh. 



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