Carly Rae Jepsen has announced the pre-order for her new album and has some signed CD options available. It does look like they’re art cards but at the price it is still worth it to me. She may not be super mainstream anymore but she has an insanely diehard fanbase.

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is it my imagination or can you barely see the signature on these? just looks like part of the background to me

Good eyes Kenny, this drops on October 21, I'm not gettin it but once again my go to site to hunt down these presales is

and of course Carly is on it, Nickelback, and RHCP as well as others we're just seeing offered as signed...Man I sure hope THE CULT comes up for offer as signed !!!

I don't think she signed those at all yet?

Cant be.. she seemed to take a decent amount of time on the one she was writing on. 

There are 8 rows.. 4 rows opposite each other.. shes working on the ones facing right side up for her, upside-down for our view

Though it's from a distance, she seems to be signing on the neck area of the image. I don't think she'd sign in the background anyway.

Side note - someone I know got her through the mail in recent weeks, and she still seems to be signing the same Carly Rae signature she has been for years. So I don't think she's abbreviating anything anyway. Not yet at least.

yeah, I was hoping I was just seeing it wrong, it looked like some dark scribble in that busy area next to her face but hopefully that's just part of the background. I've had so many dark and hard to see signatures lately that I guess I'm just being paranoid lol. 

ALTERNATE COVER with signed art card is IN STOCK right now!

Thanks for the heads up.  Grabbed one.  Procrastination paid off.

Glad you got one too!

For anyone interested who may be in there area, she is doing an IP signing in Seattle on the 26th (this coming Wednesday) @ Easy Street Records.

Standard and Alternative CD's have shipped! 



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