Hi! I'm thinking about writing carol alt and brigitte bardot, although I don't like TTM-autographs because you never can be sure. But my gut instinct says me these both women are not to famous and "in the buiseness" they will use secretaries. What are your opinion on carol alt and brigitte bardot ttm autographs? Do know anything about them? Thanks!

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I think Alt signs her fanmail , yes.

Bardot: I have 30+.

Her signature is both very distinctive and very consistent. Earlier are pen, later are sharpie. Look online to familiarize yourself. She used to be a generous signer through her foundation in Paris but I read that she recently stopped. If you are determined it be free, you could try sending a nice internet photo with request and return postage and perhaps a small donation.

However-there are a LOT of authentic out there and at reasonable prices, particularly on eBay France. You can log on and add the ones you like to wish list and then view them on your US eBay.

Its easy to use online translator for basic info and correspondence and € to $ calculations. I have a lot of experience with Bardot and have gotten many excellent smaller newer autographed photos on eBay France for $25-$45 before shipping.


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