Hey guys so recently I found a woman who was selling an autographed Carrie Fisher photograph. I saw it was authenticated by Michael Wehrmann and I got super excited.... that was until I saw what the authentification looked like. It’s not the usual small white card and there is a hologram on it which is really holding me back from making the purchase. Please help!

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That hologram appears to be an official licensed Star Wars autograph sticker. It's a bit fuzzy although I'm sure that's what it is. Your signed photograph is authentic and the sticker is more proof than the COA. Wehrmann, by the way, is excellent as well.

And I've seen just about every existing CGC signature series (representative witnessed signatures) signed Star Wars comics that Carrie has been witnessed signing, and this does not match any I can recall.

Hope this helps:

OPX Authentic holograms. Here are the various ones. I believe yours matches one of these, correct?

Yes it does :)

Thought so, congratulations! It's genuine.

Genuine? Based on what, Joe? The hologram? Or the ink?

Woody, you are making a case on what? It's an officially licensed piece. Period. It's genuine.

Based on it having multiple, completely unique characteristics uncommon to any other of the God only knows how many Fisher autographs I've seen. Based on it not having certain characteristic that are common to likewise.

Are you very familiar with Fisher's autograph?

Have you gotten her autograph IP, many times, and over a wide swath of years?

Have you studied the way she signs her name as she writes? The predictable path of the pen, which basically, though with slight changes, remained fairly constant for at least 30 years?

You're the best. I stand by my statement and opinion. Nothing further for me to add.

But you never stated what I asked? Were you basing your opinion of authenticity on the hologram alone?

Did your opinion have anything to do with the characteristics of the track itself and your personal experience with Carrie's signature?

You seem so emphatically convinced that it's authentic.

Can you state your case based on the track itself?

You are not going to draw me in any further Woody. I believe the signature is genuine without the sticker. Find another target because I've said all I need to say and you are free to do the same as well.

I would not hesitate to purchase this piece if it was priced in my buy range and available.




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