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Hi could I have a second opinion on this carrie fisher autograph?

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I have some concerns. There are very deceptive Fisher forgeries and as of late a certain skilled fake style has exploded. 

I recommend getting an online opinion from SWAU: https://swau.com/collections/autograph-services/products/autograph-...

I did submit it just waiting on their response.  I'm worried about the size of the autograph usually she often would sign quite big

Agree. It also seems a little slow and stiff. But the formation is quite good… I suspect it may be one of these more recent skilled forgeries. But you will get a definitive and accurate answer from SWAU.

Here is a good example of the size.  I heard she usually would size really big unless you said otherwise 

I was thinking the same thing; size seems off but formation looks like it could be good. Hard to say, but I know there are very good forgeries of her out there. 


It passed SWAU so I'm not sure what too say

The hook on the “F” and the “s” both appear to be atypical to me.

So I guess it's better to pass then and not buy it

That is strictly up to you.  Compare it to known exemplars.  You may notice my concerns.  I also have a concern about the “h”.  The general flow of “Fisher” seems off to me.

I'll take your advice thanks so much Mike 

Pete Chuka (a member here) does the online opinions for SWAU. IMO, he is the best for SW graphs and he is definitely up on all the styles. I would be comfortable if he thinks it's good. 



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