Hi could I have a second opinion on this carrie fisher autograph?

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I agree with your assessment of Pete, Steve.  I still have my concerns.  Are you positive that he is the one who authenticated it?  If so, it may very well be authentic.

What would you say to do Mike?

It might be good then but I have heard of those authentication companies making mistakes from time to time. 

If the photo in question is a large photo (like 11x14 or larger) that could explain a smaller sized signature. 

The photo is an 11x14.  I really appreciate your opinion 

Look at the photo guys.....look at the pen she had available. Carrie placed and sized the signature in the only place it would look good. There is nothing atypical about the signature, and it is not any of the usual print on autopens being used on pop boxes or photos coming out of Europe. 

If you all feel so strongly that you should pass oin it, I hope someone will send me the link for where to buy it. 

I am the only one who has concerns, Pete.  Thank you for your reply.

Thanks for your opinion Pete I was going to message you and ask you regarding the size.  I heard she often would sign big unless you said otherwise.  But I appreciate your opinion I'm going to go for it.  Thanks for jumping in and saying why you said it's authentic :)

As always thanks for everything you do Pete.

I am also on the fence with this one and would probably pass but if you're comfortable with it then pull the trigger



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