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Reposting this to see if anyone in the know can tell me what they think.

Hi!  It looks like an early signature for sure.  What is hard for me to tell from the scan is whether or not it is hand signed or a stamp.  If it is hand signed then I believe you have a nice piece.

Thanks SilentsGolden. I'm unsure if this is stamped, will need to dig it out from wherever it is hiding and take a closer look I think!

Please do and let me know.  

It struck me as a stamp as well. Hopefully not.

I agree.  It would be a fantastic piece if its hand signed.

Hi, my sister has the signature at her place so got her to send me a closer-up pic of it, here it is

Ok...it looks more hand signed with the close up scan.  I can see some pen skipping in "Chaplin."  If so, you have a very nice Chaplin piece!


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