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I wanted to jump at this, but they want 67 pounds for shipping to the US. Thanks for posting though. 


a reshipper will send to US for around 34 pounds tracked through Royal Mail (plus Resident's shipping fee of 4.99).  I use MyUK and have used forward2me.  both have been reliable.

I think Resident must have increased their international shipping fees as I have never had such high quotes for shipping from them before.  

Thanks ordered

Magic thank you.

Is there any clarification about who this is signed by?  

it says : signed bookplate copies

So Tom Rowlands, Ed Simons and Robin Turner?  Or just Tom & Ed?  Or just Robin Turner?

I was wondering if anyone had more information on who.

I emailed Resident and they told me it was signed by Tom and Ed.

This is from Booka:

Hand signed by to a bespoke bookplate by Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands (aka The Chemical Brothers) and also by Robin Turner


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