Chilling O.J. Simpson Autograph Signed Hours Before Nicole's Murder Surfaces For 1st Time

Not my cup of tea. Do any of you collect O.J.?

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Not my cup of tea either, but I do own one piece he signed, also signed by Nicole Brown and Kris Kardasian who signed for herself and her then husband.

I don't normally collect this type of item, but you can't walk away from something that uncommon.   

Wow, that's as amazing as this new piece, Pete.

I can't imagine anything else having all those key signatures. What did they sign?


They signed a guest book at a Ski chalet that they stayed at together, vacationing as couples.

I have yet to see another Nicole signature pop up on the market.

Would LOVE to see a pic if you have one to share.

I haven't posted it online anywhere because it is one of a kind.

Best I can do is post this heavily watermarked photocopy.

Very interesting.  Thanks for sharing.  I completely understand the watermark! =)

I think there is a difference, at least in my mind, between something signed before the murder. OJ was a legitimate sports superstar. His autograph had value before there was a murder, a trial and the media circus that resulted.  I think where my stomach turns is the thought that somebody like OJ made money on his autograph AFTER the murder. When most sports collectors walk away from the market and the demand came from people with a more twisted interest in the man as a murderer and cultural figure. 

In both the case of Pete's item and the item signed the day of the murder, OJ didn't make money on those and they weren't signed because somebody with a twisted interest wanted a killer's autograph. 

It may seem like a subtle nuance. But neither item gives me the creeps like other OJ memorabilia I have seen over the years. 

I don't think that your point is subtle. It is very valid. I was unaware that he was signing for profit after the murder. Was that in person? How much? Yuck.

I am not sure I agree with the auction experts I quote in my story. The value of all his stuff is way down, given what a great player he was. Unlike Joe Jackson, he wasn't screwed by the system.

OJ did make money on autographs after the murder, unfortunately. To me those are terrible items with blood on them.I wouldn't touch them. Same with serial killers or anybody who's notoriety was based off a violent crime.

Hitler memorabilia I have an issue with given that there are still people who adhere to his ideology. His autograph is a relic to many twisted people. I think they should be burned, even if he never profited off his signature.

If the motive of the collector who acquired the item was based off of the notoriety of a violent crime, the item glorifies the crime or if the criminal profited off the item.... They should be purged from the hobby.

Just my opinion. A vintage OJ item isn't something I want. But the items don't come with the ethical baggage post murder items do. I want my collection free from forgeries and free from creep factor.



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