Chrissie Hynde, Brett Anderson and Kevin Cummins signed print (for charity)

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I'm Steering well clear after her Autopen Debacle last year ! So Buyers beware Chrissie Hyndes Use of Autopens! 

Given the nature of the piece I'd think it very unlikely.

You wouldn't think somebody such as Chrissie Hynde or her webstore Would sell Fake Items in the first place - but she Did and she was found out !

Maybe she will actually Sign these - time will tell - i won't be buying anything of hers  ever again.

Ditto! Done with their nonsense. Only took the one time. Will never buy again from her site ever. 

Hi, just for clarification, I emailed the website and they confirmed that Chrissie and Kevin have both hand signed the prints and that Brett will be signing them, this coming week.

I have that information on an email from The Pretenders website.

Hope that helps.

I’m certainly looking forward to receiving mines. A great price and for a good cause too. Everyone benefits from this, I think.



I wouldn't believe a word her website says - they blatantly lie!

As the message below both myself and Herve contacted them last year and we were told the LP's and CDs were all definitely hand signed by Chrissie - when they were in fact autopenned ! 

Sorry to confirm that Mrs. Hynde has been a systemic user of autopen: over the last 24 monts,

I bought a book and 2 LPs from her very own website, obviously autopened (all identical signatures !), which they never recognized. And I bought one CD from Newbury, also autopened (but in this case, Newbury refunded all the buyers, as usual !).

So, though the piece is looking attractive, I'd say stay away ! If you're buying for the "secondary" market, nobody will take it...

If you're looking for Brett's signature or/and Cummins' one, they are easy to find now (Cummins has a book out with signed copies at Coles, Rough Trade, etc. and Suede's signed copies are widespread). The 3 signatures on 1 beautiful nice photo would have been great but, again, Mrs. Hynde's past behaviour (or her management's ?) will cancel the value of this piece for collectors (authenticity is everything, and if there is the slightest doubt, the value of the autograph is virtually 0).

Yes I agree with Herve, I have 2 Autopenned LPs and an autopenned CD - all 100% identical - I was also told by her webstore they were definitely all genuine and hand signed, they even offered me another free signed LP  when i complained - why!!!?  So post your Pics when you get them 

Well, received the print today. Not best pleased about the way its been signed. Brett has used a black sharpie and signed on one of the darkest areas of the print.

I had hoped they would all have signed it on the border at the base but there’s not much of one.

Anyway, here’s a couple of pictures. Let me know what you think.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the Chrissie Hynde appears to be autopen again. I do not know why she can not be bothered to personally sign items that she must be aware of being sold with her "signature".

Agreed... Especially at that price. Would be interesting to have photos from other buyers !



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