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much appreciated!

Huge one! Thank you!

Thanks so much!

My thanks as well for posting this one.  Anyone have a clue if it will be signed by both Ciara & Russell ?

certainly looks like it will be.

sold out now.. faster than I thought it would

Thanks for posting!

Shocked it sold out so fast. I dont think Ive ever seen something sell out that fast on Barnes and Noble (Grohl was close).

NFL Super Bowl winning QB for $20? Sign me up.

As a Patriots fan, he's my favorite Super Bowl losing QB.

Just got shipping notification for this today!  Curious to see how it looks!

I got notification today too but what’s interesting is that there is now no mention of it being signed by Wilson, it actually just lists being signed by Ciara. My original confirmation email lists both. Guess we’ll see  

I dont see anything saying this is only signed by ciara. The original listing still shows "signed book" I agree with you though but with how quickly these sold out, I believe these were signed by both. If it was just Ciara,these would be much more widely available. We will see..

Looks like we are good: https://www.ebay.com/itm/265576646979?hash=item3dd59a0943:g:vfAAAOS...

I think the Barnes and Noble email only listed one author and hers was alphabetically first. When you look online it lists both.

great news! Thanks for checking on this



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